A new website for PRO-MaaS

Our project kicked off in Barcelona in January. Since then, we have been busy with our first work package, the state of the art of technologies and business models for MaaS. We have also thought about how to best communicate our progress and results.

If you are interested in knowing what policies and governance can help make MaaS a reality, here are a few things we will propose:

This website!

Here you will find the presentation of our projects, partners and activities, and most notably the workshop we will hold with partners and stakeholders in several cities over the summer.

As we complete more and more activities, you will find the executive and the report on each activity page. Finally, at the end of the project, you will find all reports and executive summaries downloadable on our dedicated page.


Don’t feel like reading a report? The key results of each activity will also be presented in a short video. Find these videos on this website but also on social media (please share!). Before we can film these videos, you’ll find a selection of videos about MaaS from our partners and other sources we like.

Social media

Look for the hashtag #pro-maas as our partners post news about this project.